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How can I contact my child while at camp?

foto15-2Mail - Campers love to receive mail from friends and family members. Write often. It’s the best way to stay in touch.

Email - Parents may email their campers through the services of CampMinder. Information regarding this service will be sent to families before the season begins.  Each day, our office delivers printed eLetters to campers who have the option of using coded reply stationery to respond.  Each night, outgoing camper eLetters are scanned and delivered directly into email Inboxes.

Phone Calls - Younger campers may make one scheduled phone call during each session. This is coordinated through our camp office. Older campers (Inters and up) may use our camp phones during designated times. In order to preserve the camping experience, we do not allow campers to have cell phones on grounds or on out-of-camp trips during the summer.

Packages - Campers love to receive packages from friends and family and we will gladly accept flat envelopes or thin boxes that do not contain food. This policy was adopted to keep the bunk environment clean and healthy, and to ensure that all campers are eating nutritious food during the summer. Please help us enforce this policy by not sending food to camp. If you need to send your camper(s) any larger items, just call the Kinder Ring office and let us know that the package is on its way - we will add it to the package log.

How is camper laundry done?
All campers will have their dirty laundry collected once a week and returned to them cleaned and folded the following day.

Does the staff communicate with parents during the summer?
Yes, in several ways. Parents are always welcome to call the Kinder Ring Office. A staff member will get a message to the Head Counselor or Group Leader responsible for your child’s bunk and that person can call you back to answer specific questions.
Kinder Ring will also send you a secure link to view photos and news from camp all summer. In this way, you can see what activities are being enjoyed, possibly sneak a glimpse of your own child, and read the news of special events as they are happening.  We will send out emails to parents frequently throughout the summer.  Of course, our ultimate goal is to keep you informed of any out-of the ordinary occurrences in a timely manner.

What is the Visiting schedule?
At the end of the 4th week of the summer, campers have the opportunity to visit with family and friends on Visiting Day. In the case of families who require a separate visiting day for a second half of the family, arrangement can be made with the Administrative staff to visit on our Alternate Visiting Day. You will receive all the necessary information concerning this special day, and we urge you to understand that there are certain limitations and regulations we must enforce. No campers may leave the grounds. No pets are allowed on grounds. Families generally bring a picnic lunch and look forward to an opportunity to visit an Arts and Crafts exhibit, enjoy swimming and boating together, or enjoy seeing the accomplishments of their children on the tennis court, adventure center, or other playing fields.

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·         Campers may use computers during scheduled free play in the evenings and use the services of Bunk 1 to correspond with their family. In the phone call section please add that our younger campers may make scheduled phone calls twice each session at parents request. This is coordinated through our camp office.

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