Why summer camp in Hudson valley

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Why Kinder Ring?

Our Community

Camp Kinder Ring is more than a summer getaway. It is a community of caring people. Each family that joins this community is welcomed with open arms and instantly becomes a part of our rich history. We care about your children, our environment and the larger world in which we live. This is reflected in every message and every experience we build into the Kinder Ring program. The rich Jewish cultural heritage and values are part of the atmosphere. Your child’s adjustment to Camp is guided. Every child feels cared for and nurtured. Learning to live in a larger community is an important outcome of a Kinder Ring summer.

Our Balance

foto14-2The whole child is the focus at Kinder Ring. We work hard to balance the programming so that each child can experience success in some aspects of the camp program. Whether on the playing field, in leadership roles, on the stage, in a studio, or living together in a group, Kinder Ring provides your child with a balance achieved through a mix of structured and flexible activity schedules; individual and team experiences; single gender and coeducational activities; and an emphasis on individual growth and spirited teamwork.

Our Staff

In everything we do at Camp Kinder Ring, your child’s safety and protection is our primary focus. Our mature adult staff includes seasoned professionals, many of whom have been with us since they were campers themselves. Our three most senior staff leaders have a combined total of 48 years at Kinder Ring. Many of our senior staff members are teachers, social workers and professionals working with children in the off-season. Our counselors are college students who have a high return rate and have experience and on-going training to be effective role models and guardians of your children during the summer. We are also proud of the expertise that our international staff members bring to Kinder Ring each summer. We are exposing your children to a variety of adult supervisors and activity specialists from Great Britain, Australia, Israel and other places around the world.
We provide a camper to counselor ratio of 3:1. At least 2-3 counselors live in each bunk with 8-12 campers. Campers are supervised at all times: 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

foto30-2Our Meals

Our fully air-conditioned dining room is where our campers and staff are served their family style meals. Our menus, developed by a nutritionist, include lots of variety, ample choices and top quality, fresh, professionally prepared food. Breakfast always features hot and cold cereals, toast and muffins, yogurt and a hot prepared option. Lunch and dinner feature a fully stocked salad bar, pasta, hot options, great protein varieties and the fun options your kids love, like chicken nuggets, pizza and great desserts. Quantity is plentiful and everyone leaves the dining room satisfied. Vegetarian preferences and special dietary concerns will be accommodated. There are healthful snacks available all day long. We also cater to the activities planned with appropriate food for campfires, barbecues, and social get-togethers.

Our Concern for Health and Safety

Camp Kinder Ring has an onsite doctor and staff of nurses at all times. The Health Center Director supervises a staff of highly trained professionals and the facility is always fully stocked with all necessary medications and medical supplies, including oxygen and a defibrillator. Kinder Ring uses a unit dose medication system which assures strict adherence to your child’s medication needs. Upon enrollment parents receive all instructions for participation in this system as well as instructions for downloading all medical forms from our website.

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