Kinder Ring Staff

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Kinder Ring Staff

The role of the staff is to nurture, teach, comfort and guide our campers. We are very proud of the staff we carefully gather each summer, and much time is put into the selection process. Many return for summer after summer, and Camp KR has become a second home for many caring young people committed to working as part of the team.

Our staff is diverse. Some are coming to Kinder Ring for the first time and others have been on staff for 10-20 years. Our staff comes from all parts of the United States and abroad. Many were Kinder Ring campers.

foto29-1We provide staff training in the form of a one-week orientation program and ongoing training through the summer. There is a low camper to staff ratio which assures that coverage and safety of campers is always a priority, but also allows our staff some time off to rest, visit with friends or work on their own skills and activities.

Bunk Counselors live with and work with a group of 10-12 campers of one age group. There are two main bunk counselors and another specialty counselor sharing in the responsibilities for the bunk of campers. This family unit will move throughout a day of activities and meals. The counselors will encourage them and guide them. During many activity periods bunk counselors will travel with their campers and assist the Specialty counselors in the instruction of skills.

Specialty Counselors also live in bunks with a particular age group. The only difference is that during activity periods they teach skills in an area of specialty (swimming, drama, arts and crafts, boating, sports, ropes, etc). They will be relied upon for training and skill instruction at all levels and to encourage every camper to learn and enjoy activities that may be new to them.

Divisional Group Leaders are the supervisors of a group of bunks of a particular age group of campers. They supervise 3-4 bunks and 8-12 counselors. They supervise and plan activities for their Division and often are relied on for extra support in bunk and individual behavior issues. These are experienced and mature leaders! They work with senior staff to facilitate the programming and respond to camper and staff issues effectively.

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