KRJR Mini Camp and Rookie Day

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Kinder Ring Junior (KRJR)

Camp Kinder Ring has a unique program to start your child off with a comfortable and successful experience. Each summer we offer a three day, two night KRJR program for 6 through 9 year olds. This program, run by experienced adult staff, allows your child to try overnight camp in a small dose, to go to regular activities and be welcomed into the Kinder Ring family. We have found that the majority of the children who start camp in this way gain the confidence to know that they “can do it” - they gain the comfort of knowing where everything is, experience how much fun Kinder Ring can be, and even meet many campers who will be bunkmates the following summer.

foto25-2KRJR campers live in our bunks, have scheduled activities, swim in the pool, eat in the dining room, and are usually the “stars” around camp that weekend. They receive Kinder Ring t-shirts, come home with Arts and Crafts projects and a real sense of accomplishment.

Click here for the KRJR Application or download our KRJR Flyer.


Kinder Ring Rookie Day

Rookie Day is a great way to experience "a day in the life" of Camp Kinder Ring!  Click here for the Rookie Day Application or download our Rookie Day Flyer.

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